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So, I'm here to ask some help. To make the story relatively short, I've tried, via Yes Asia, to order Glory Day, 1st Date and Araki's Next Stage single. I woke up this morning and got an email saying I wouldn't be able to get 1st Date because it's out of stock.

So, I'm now in search of 1st Date. Anyone has a link of the album? I've put a similar message on Tumblr, but no luck so far. I'll be very happy if I manage to get it. Please?

EDIT: Thank you everyone to help! I found it and now can enjoy the music! You guys and the community on Tumblr were a great help and you guys are awesome!

1st Date

I've been searching for an active link 1st date and their second concert, but I couldn't find it. my laptop crashed and all of my data are gone :'( can someone help me?
horii - domokun

JOKER cut (karaoke + subbed) - Glory Five DVD

Originally posted by pinchiyosama at JOKER cut (karaoke + subbed) - Glory Five DVD

Glory Five concert was a great concert! I love it!
So, I decided to make a cut video out of their performances and I chose JOKER!
Anyway, did you watch episode 3 of GTO 2014 which the main story is about Horii?
I think the story plot is kinda similar to this song... or is it just me? XD
Well, please enjoy the video! cause this is just my second time playing with aegisub XD

DOWNLOAD || 480p || 65.3 MB

Thanks to
choihaeni for full raw video
akumanobonnou for lyric translations
quietusyipsum for kanji + romaji lyrics

[trans] Ameblo; 042814 Araki Hirofumi -「Check 393&394」

I am trying to translate stuffs longer than a 140-character tweet. I am still in the process of learning, so please bear with me ;_; Please do read the note on Check 393 since I explained everything there lol

Anyways, here's Hirofumi-kun's ameblo updates:

Check 393
Check 394

Hopefully, I could start my Jap lessons next semester. And I'm looking forward on translating more blog updates, especially from D-BOYS and D2.
Akai ito - Just do it

[Project] 10 years anniversary D-BOYS fan project

In May 2014, I'll come back to Japan to see the D-LIVE, and like the two previous years, I want to offer a new fan-project for all D-fans from all around the world.

10th year anniversary D-Boys fan project

Made a booklet of cards to each DBoys members. To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the D-groups!!!

tilmon and me will put all the cards together as an accordion style booklet. Each member will have his own booklet full of our support.

Collapse )

May 6th 2014
You can send your cards to me in France or to timon in the USA. Letters can make some time to rearch us so choose the closest country.
Tell us who you are when you send your cards to me. Like that, we could say from who we receive the mails.

We'll give the booklets when we go to the D-LIVE. But all the members don't take part of these shows, so we'll post the remaining booklets by post.

If they are interested people, please leave a message here or on tilmon's or my inbox.
If you want more informations, please ask to me!!!

I'm sorry for posting this project so so late ^^;
Sorry for my bad English!
The D's will is strong!!!

new member

I haven't seen a post about this so I will ask about it now.
Do you think they add a new member since Igarashi Shunji left an entertainment woeld? Because I think it was a general idea to have 5 members in DDate and they have 4 left now...
I would like to see Ryuuki or Taito in it [yes, I watch 5th cast Tenimyu resently, so maybe it's becouse of this xD]
What do you think about it?